Hair color and Color Correction

Hair color and Color Correction

Hair color and Color Correction

Hair Color is 1 Part Art and 1 Part Science.

Art, because of the endless color combinations.

Science, do to the serious calibration and product used to formulate a color. Not to mention the ingredients used.

I am often asked what the difference is between over the counter (OTC) products and professional products? The answer is simple.


Oh, you thought I was going to say that OTC products suck. Or that they are really bad for your hair. For the most part that was true, until just a few years ago.

Fact: Some of the products we use in the salon are now being reformulated and released to the public OTC. One is Schwarzkopf as an example. Which I use and love very much.

But what ,OTC products, can not do in the box instructions is teach you. That’s right. They can not give you 20 plus years of practical knowledge. They can not teach you how to get out of a jam. If you accidentally turn hair green or orange. Then you just put something over it and poof, another ugly color blamed on a do it yourself dye job.

In my Studio, Hair By Alfredo Suite 15 @iStudio Salons in the Orlando’s suburb community of Waterford Lakes , I am able to use my Professional Eye to diagnose, treat, brighten, darken and Balance must hair colors.

Now, what separates everything is,

My experience.

Yup, over 20 plus years of Color Correction/Balancing in the Orlando area. With specialized course training around the world.

Please don’t misunderstand, color correction and color balancing are slightly different.

Color correction involves removing some color. Then going back in and adding other colors.

Color Balancing on the other hand, is adding colors as to bring balance to the color you have.

Only a professional can perform these services.

If you find yourself needing Color Balancing or Correcting, stop what you are doing and find a professional.

So here is the tips I will give you.

  • Don’t settle for speaking to a receptionist. Ask a lot of questions directly to a stylist. If you can’t speak to a Stylist, don’t go there.
  • Don’t start by asking about the price. Stylist get super turned off by this. And let’s be honest, you just made a mess of you hair and you want to know, how much color is?
  • Ask for a consultation. Ask them if they have a few minutes to talk. While on the phone, tell them EXACTLY what you did. Then ask if they have time for a consultation.
  • As for Price – you are going to pay. And you should expect to. But a professional Stylist will at least tell you what to expect. It should sound like this or kind of: I can tell you that I am looking at doing some Color Balancing / Correction. I’m sorry, but some of what we are looking at is a matter of working towards a fix. You should know that I charge $$ for the first color. Then $$ for every additional colors/tones there after.

In the end you, should also take this into consideration. If you can find a Stylist on Friday or Saturday that says they can fix your hair in an hour and, have it perfect in time for tonight’s date, is either lying or desperate. Either way be leery. Just put a hat on and go on the date. lol

If you want a good fix, get to know the stylist a bit before you let them fix it. I can usually do a consultation pretty quickly. But during my consultation I will also let you know when I can fix it. And even tho I’m booked about 3 weeks out, I have special hours set aside for just Color Correction.

For a Consultation , Style Evaluation, Beauty Analysis or Scalp Evaluation, Contact me directly or book on line at Online Booking

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